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EC Sales - TIN number

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We've had interactions with a Belgium based company who are notoriously bad at getting any info to us that we ask for. One of my colleagues is really trying to find out their VAT position as it's nearly time for me to submit our EC sales list for the quarter (as I understand it we only need to include them if they are in fact VAT registered?) They have included their TIN number on an old invoice so I wondered if I can just use that on the form or is it just better to leave them off entirely if we don't hear a definitive answer from them?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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By Duggimon
17th Jun 2019 12:37

Wouldn't you need to know if they were VAT registered before you invoiced them?

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By sculptureofman
17th Jun 2019 12:43

Look them up here

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Replying to sculptureofman:
By paul.benny
17th Jun 2019 13:35

That's a new one for me. Thank you

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