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Electric vehicle salary sacrifice

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Anybody got any experience of obtaining HMRC clearance for an Electric Vehicle salary sacrifice scheme?

Just wondering how to word the agreement to cover employee liability for excess mileage, damage etc.

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By Tax Dragon
17th Dec 2021 20:55

Lawyer's work, round these parts.

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By the_drookit_dug
17th Dec 2021 21:05

Yep, just been reading into it more. The risk of cobbling something together and failing HMRC's rules and/or flouting employment law is too high - I think engaging one of the companies that offer these schemes is the way to go.

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By kestrepo
21st Dec 2021 12:26

I was looking a this quite recently. It is a bit different to the bicycle schemes in that you can relatively easily administer them yourself not least because the value is +/- £1K for a bicycle but £50K+ for a car. I think that there are ready made schemes already in place that are worth looking at first.

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