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Email branding provider

Email branding provider

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Hello, I am looking to brand our emails.

I like Xero emails with their branding on top of their emails (not signature). The emails come WITHOUT a red cross against the image so branding is seen by all receipts. I am looking to do something similar in our email branding

I would be grateful for recommendations for email branding providers. 


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By 356B
17th Mar 2016 11:31


Won't the heat burn the screen?

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By cheekychappy
17th Mar 2016 11:09

Branding is ok for newsletter type emails.


I think if I sent emails to clients that were heavily branded, clients would think it was junk without reading the contents. I think it would increase my time chasing clients.

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By stepurhan
17th Mar 2016 11:18


This sounds like another idea that you are just jumping on without thinking about it.

cheekychappy has already pointed out a reason not to do it. Have you actually any reason why you want to do it other than your continuing love of all things Xero? Is there a reason why signature branding is not enough for you? Speaking personally, I have only seen anything other than signature branding on advertising e-mails, never on normal correpondence.

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By paul.k2
24th Mar 2016 19:59

Depending on what you mean...

Take a look at Code 2 Exchange.


Great for On Premise email, but I have experienced difficulties with hosted Exchange and Office 365.

I hope to evaluate and aternative in the next few weeks.



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Routemaster image
By tom123
24th Mar 2016 20:15

I must be being thick

But what is a 'branded' email.

I have a company signature at the foot of mine - as do almost all the mails I receive - but not really aware what a 'branded' one is.

Maybe they all get caught by our spam filters?

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By jford
24th Mar 2016 20:35

Email Monks

We used these guys for a mailchimp template but they can pretty much do anything. Really helpful and very well priced.

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By petersaxton
25th Mar 2016 11:08

See this

But I can't think of anything less important. Style over substance.

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