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Does anyone know what email filing softaware law firms and big accountancy firms use?

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In our recent correspondence with a few solicitors firms with Outlook 2016 we have noticed that certain text appears after the subject line (e.g. "[BD-LIVE.FID1506697]"). My colleague tells me that this is an email filing software reference. Can anyone tell which software it is (we would like to see how much it costs)? Would also welcome any other email filing software that law firms and mid to large accountancy firms use. Thanks.

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By James Green
25th Feb 2018 14:46

We are accountants. We use Virtual Cabinet.

For us, it links to our practice management system and compares the external email address to / from against our practice management system to file in the correct client file.

Works well.

I know this system is also used by lawyers, but have no experience of this. Suggest you contact them.

Initial cost was circa £12k for 30 users with all training and set up. Subsequent cost is circa £3.5k pa.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
25th Feb 2018 19:08

I’m looking for a DMS /client portal system at the moment. Unable to find any prices online I didn’t realise VC was quite so expensive...

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Replying to James Green:
By Limited Company
26th Feb 2018 13:16

Thanks James that is really useful. The price is however out of our budget as we are a small outfit. I suspect all of the accountancy firms and law firms will use the "better" brands and the price will be at least £5k or above, but hoping there will be something that allows small businesses to "upgrade" as they get bigger.

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By TheAccountant-ish
15th Mar 2018 16:02

The software you are referring to is called FileSite (sometimes referred to as Worksite Express).

It's really great and easy to use, most importantly it ensures no data can be lost. Worth checking out.

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