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Emailing Brightpay payslips

payslips show as coming from Brightpay

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I'm currently trialling Brightpay. after using Moneysoft for a number of years.

Very happy with the software but the other day I sent payslips  and summary to a client from Brightpay, cc'ing myself in to see the process.  I was rather shocked to see that the emails show as coming from Brightpay, rather than myself.  This is a major stumbling block to me, as Moneysoft shows myself as the sender, and I don't particularly want to send clients their paperwork as coming from someone else.  I realise I can overcome this by exporting the payslips to pdf and attaching them to my email address, but I wonder how others get on with this?

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21st May 2019 15:53

When you go into "email payslips" at the top right is a spanner. Click on that and it allows you to tick and untick various boxes. One of which is The BP logo and you can tick employer. Does this help

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By legerman
24th May 2019 15:53

Hi, that is just to change the logo if you have one

My issue is that when you email payslips to an employee the sender shows as [email protected], or if you send the payslips to the employer in bulk it shows as [email protected]. (Sending the paye summary to an employer also shows the brightpay email address) Brightpay tell me this is hardcoded so can't be changed.

Maybe I'm making too much of a song and dance about this because judging by the lack of replies other people don't share the same concerns, but if I send something to an employer then the sender should be me, not Brightpay.

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