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Emails from Companies House

Emails from Companies House

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A client has just forwarded three emails to me regarding complaints against their company.

They look very good - yet Companies House don't have their email address.

Anybody else had these ?

There's nothing wrong with the company's filing, by the way.  If these are genuine complaints, they're unfounded.

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By Wieslaw
26th Feb 2014 09:43

Search other threads

Already been discussed as bogus - check companies house website

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By ACDWebb
26th Feb 2014 09:59

Yup had three at home

and Mailwasher binned the lot. They are rubbish and the links do not take you to Companies House but - at least for the ones I have had - a streaming site owned by someone in the USA

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By Richardrussell
26th Feb 2014 10:18

I received one, I forwarded it to Companies House and they said it was genuine.  I then tried the links, which didn't really go anywhere.  I then queried this with Companies House, who said 'oops, sorry yes they are not genuine'.  One full virus scan later and nothing seem wrong!

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Stephen Quay
By squay
26th Feb 2014 11:09

I received several

The first one I received, it looked genuine and I clicked on one of the links. It didn't go anywhere but realised it was junk because the email address was out of date. Ran an anti-virus scan immediately and nothing showed up. Since then have received several more which now go straight to the spam folder for deletion.

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By lionofludesch
26th Feb 2014 11:35

Thanks to everyone for your time.

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