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Previously, whenever we filed a client's personal tax return, or CT600 (through Iris) or an RTI submission (through Moneysoft), we would receive an automated e-mail confirmation from Gateway Confirmation, [email protected], confirming successful submission.

The last that we received for any submissions was on April 22nd and then none at all in the last four weeks - is anybody still receiving these or did HMRC switch the service off? Trying to understand whether this is a technical issue with our e-mails, or if nobody gets them anymore.


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Johny Fartpants Picture
By johnny fartpants
20th May 2024 14:04

I'm still getting these from HMRC. Last one was a payroll, filed using Moneysoft, received a few minutes ago.

I too file personal tax / company tax returns using Iris. The emails for these are coming through as well.

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By bernard michael
21st May 2024 10:03

I'm still getting mine weekly using Moneysoft including last week

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By ReadyAndDone
21st May 2024 15:42

Had several as recently as last Friday (17/05) when filing CT600s through Alphatax.

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By Jaydee UKBF
30th May 2024 15:47

Thanks all

In case it helps anyone in future, if an outgoing e-mail from HMRC bounces back for any reason they suppress all such e-mails until the e-mail owner speaks with HMRC technical and gets the address whitelisted again

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