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Emails from HMRC re new messages that don't exist?

Email telling me I have new Generic Notifications (PAYE for Employers) but nothing there

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I have received an email (from HMRC) telling me I have received new messages from HMRC

"You have new Generic notifications. Please go online at and login. Go to your messages page and select 'PAYE for employers messages'."

When I do this there are no Generic notifications, or indeed any other kind of notification or message.  This is not the first time that this has happened, but having a bit more time today I rang HMRC Employers Helpline & confirmed that everything is up-to-date and looks OK.  I'm just wondering why I might be getting these messages?

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By Moonbeam
15th Aug 2019 12:53

There are more important things to worry about than this. HMRC's systems are so badly written/maintained, there's almost certainly some sort of error at their end.
You can't make sure they sort this out, so just ignore this stuff.

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By Wanderer
15th Aug 2019 13:14

I've opted out of all online PAYE messages and ask for them all on paper by post. Too much time is wasted trawling through HMRC's often impenetrable systems looking for something that may not be there.

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Replying to Wanderer:
By MrsG
16th Aug 2019 07:31

I think this is the way forward (eventhough it seems like a backward step). When I get a message I feel I have to look in case I've missed something & as you say it just wastes time.

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15th Aug 2019 13:43

The different bits of HMRC's systems don't work together in real time. In the past we've found the email arrives about 24 hours before the notification is available to see

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15th Aug 2019 15:53

They will appear in due course. Give it a few days, Yet more time wasting exercises

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
15th Aug 2019 19:05

Unlike Moonbeam I do actually look at these messages (when they are to be found as you say!) as sometimes they have relevant - such an incorrect code to be used. If it is incorrect I just ignore it to run the payroll but I do have a look so I can get an incorrect code amended before it goes too far down the year.

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By RedFive
16th Aug 2019 07:27

As above it can take 24 hours for the message to appear following the email.

At this point in the month it is usually advising a client hasn’t paid their PAYE.

Depending on the service you offer can be a useful nudge for them.

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