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EMI shares disposal - is BADR rate protected?

Employee did exercise within 90 days of leaving, but leaving was long before disposal

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Employee held option for some time, then left, then exercised within 90 days of leaving, then sold after some time.

I get that as long as the exercise of EMI options is done within 90 days of the disqualifying event, the income tax advantages of the EMI are preserved.

But does this also apply to the CGT advantage of applying the BADR rate?

My confusion arises because several articles by learned solicitors etc appear to say it does.

However CG64052 looks unequivocal in the other direction when discussing the critera for BADR to apply. Several criteria are OK, but then also:

either Condition C or D must be met.    [Condition D irrelevant here]

To meet Condition C, throughout the two year period ending with the disposal the company must have been a trading or the holding company of a trading group and the individual must have been an employee or officer of the company, or a company in the same trading group.

Many thanks for any pointers.

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