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Emmerson cashbooks - disappeared?

Emmerson cashbooks - disappeared?

We used to buy cashbooks from a company called Emmerson Cash Book Co Ltd based in Ipswich. We need more cashbooks but we can't find them on the internet and on calling the number on the old cashbooks we're informed that they've moved but the receptionist doesn't have a new telephone number or address for the Company.

Do any other accountants still use this Company - they produced excellent cashbooks - if anyone can let me have their new details then I'd be grateful.


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10th May 2012 17:22

Emmerson Cash Book Co Ltd

The address is:

Chapel House
The Street

There is no phone number

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10th May 2012 17:54


Did you get that from Companies House? Isn't that too easy?

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By Hansa
10th May 2012 18:22

and here's the tel. no.

Telephone: 01473 652 704

I think the address was from (laid out the same way).

'phone no. from "scoot"

Took all of 10 seconds to find both.  

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to Comptable
11th May 2012 09:23

Emmerson cash books
both incorrect - if it was that easy I wouldn't have asked.
My Secretary eventually tracked them down -

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By Hansa
11th May 2012 09:41


What has "Emmerson Accountants" got to do with "Emmerson Cashbook Co. Ltd" apart from sharing the first word in their respective names? 

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11th May 2012 10:27

same people

My secretary called Emmerson Accountants and asked if they knew of Emmerson Cash Book Company - they said it was them - so we were able to order some cashbooks. Some things are just not on the internet!

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20th Nov 2012 21:31

phone for our cashbooks

Sorry you have not been able to contact us following our change of address. Whilst 2 Chapel House remains our registered office, we trade from

7a Gamma Terrace, West Road, Masterlord Office Village, Ransomes Europark, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 3SX

e mail [email protected]

tel 01473 729917

We look forward to receiving your orders!

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