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Emp'ee temporary assigned EU - post brexit?

Employee assigned to work 3 months in Germany, on UK soc security - post brexit. Is this possible?

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It's currently possible to assign an employee to work in the EEA temporarily, and keep them on the UK payroll, paying UK social security.

Using the A1, form / CA3882

We're doing this for an employee - for 3 months. As they're working from home anyway, it makes no bones to us if they are based in Germany.

But does anyone know if this is affected by Brexit



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By paul.benny
23rd Sep 2020 13:54

I doubt that the position of people like your employee will be resolved by the by the time they return to the UK. If your business needs to send someone to Germany, I'd just do it based on the available information and be prepared to deal the consequences. There is *some* guidance here

Have you considered possible visa requirements for someone from UK to live and work in Germany for that period?

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By accountantccole
24th Sep 2020 11:48

We are recommending our chalet/ski holiday clients employ people on local contracts as the A1 isn't guaranteed to work post 1/1/21.
Seems to be consensus within the industry overall

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