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Employed Individual has Mileage Claim

Employed Individual has Mileage Claim


I have an individual who is in full time employment in the energy sector, is required to work from home. Uses his own vehicle to visit potential clients to sign up on energy contracts and is paid commission.

he receives car allowance from employer but not the re-imbursement of business miles. I know that he can claim the mileage allowance to do this does he have to register on self assessment and complete a tax return?

He has worked with this company for 4years, and has never claimed, how many years can you go back?

I appreciate any comments and your time especially in such busy period.

Thankyou inadvance.


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24th Jan 2012 14:00


He won't have to complete a tax return provided expenses are less than £2,500.

First time do it by letter, after that complete a P87. 

He can claim back 6 years, so the claim for the 2005/6 tax return must be submitted by 31 January 2012 - better get a move on!

See the link below.



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24th Jan 2012 15:15

Reasonable fee to charge

your reply has been very useful and i thank you for that.

What would you charge for this kind of work, which by looking at it can be even completed by the employee himself.

Would you charge a fix fee or charge a % of tax saved?

comments appreciated.

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24th Jan 2012 15:34

P87 or tax return?

You're right its very straight forward.

If the client provides all necessary information - copy of P60 and business expenses then I charge £75 for P87 and £125 for vat return (assuming its employment income only).

This type of thing is great as your client will know others who don't claim and will refer them to you. Not huge amounts of work but it all helps.





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to Paper_Flowers
09th Sep 2013 00:58


if i send you my claim for mileage are you able to complete the p87 and sign on my behalf for £75 or do i need to come and sign it also? 

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24th Jan 2012 15:36

Working from home

Just noted the fact that your client works from home. This will be relevant:


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