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Employee enters Supplier survey, wins Prize

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In finance we get a lot of survey requests from Tech product companies (moneycorp, float to name a few) we use, there is usually a prize draw attached to these surveys. If an employee wins, a) Are they allowed to keep the prize ? b) Does it need to form part of a Gift Register as part of the Anti-Bribery Act?  and c) Anything else I may be missing

Thank you for your help

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By Anonymous.
17th Sep 2020 17:16

Not sure I can see any bribery happening but your HR department may have a policy on staff receiving gifts and similar. Have a word with them.

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By lionofludesch
17th Sep 2020 17:39

You really need

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By paul.benny
17th Sep 2020 17:46

I would suggest that any such gifts/prizes valued at up to, say £50 value may be kept but must be declared. Higher value gifts should require senior management approval before acceptance.

I would only be concerned about bribery if the prizes were valuable and/or the 'draw' was a fiction.

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By tom123
18th Sep 2020 08:27

Our 'christmas' gifts all go in a raffle. In previous years it has tended to be all staff win a prize - can't see that this year :)

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By paul.benny
19th Sep 2020 08:18

@colourfulaccountant - did you find the responses unhelpful? Or is there some other reason you haven't bothered to acknowledge them?

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Replying to paul.benny:
By SBS33
24th Sep 2020 13:10

You're jumping to conclusions and have gone out of your way to be rude ("...haven't bothered...").

We can't know what issues may have arisen in someone else's life. There are a myriad of reasons why it might have happened. Your comment is not useful.

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Replying to SBS33:
By Cheshire
24th Sep 2020 15:23

I have to disagree in part and agree with Paul B.

Whilst we do not know what is going on with folk, there are far far far far far too many people who dump and run. Folk who never ever say thank you nor even acknowledge responses. Thats just plain rude.

We are supposed to be a nation of polite folk. Not so on Aweb apart from the odd
ones. So much so that there are folk on here who had stated clearly that will now no longer respond to folk who haven't had the manners to thank people in the past.

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By [email protected]
24th Sep 2020 13:27
The link goes into a variety of circumstances where prizes are taxable or not taxable, which appears to include the circumstances described in the question.

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By colourfulaccountant
28th Sep 2020 14:50

Hi everyone who has commented. Thank you for your input. I posted the question online and then promptly went away for a week. So sorry I haven't engaged further. I did not realise how fast you all would respond. Thank you kindly.

I don't believe any bribery has occurred, just referencing the legislation that requires companies to hold a Gift Register.

Some of the comments I have found helpful:
- HR department may have a policy, they unfortunately do not, but will be pestering them to come up with one.
- The prize is a voucher for £150, so seems sizable and probably needs some form of declaration.
- Will have a read of the HMRC guidance.

Thank you again

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