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Employee expenses on charity bike ride?

Accommodation costs for employee in charity ride.

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We have an employee taking part in a charity ride which involves two nights accommodation that we would like to meet.(<£190).

What is the most tax efficient method of expensing this?




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By aland
16th Jul 2018 12:43

Call it a contribution to the charity from you?
and nb, reclaim the vat?

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Replying to aland:
By Tax Dragon
16th Jul 2018 15:40

VAT on a contribution to charity? I don't know about you, but that confuses me.

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Replying to aland:
By WhichTyler
16th Jul 2018 15:49

1. Gift aid only applies to payments made to charities not hotel groups.

2. You can't recover VAT on non-business expenditure (which this is)

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By MJShone
16th Jul 2018 16:10

Or is it more like advertising/publicity if it's a local charity????

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By Portia Nina Levin
16th Jul 2018 16:21

I think you can recover the VAT. I also think it's business expenditure and deductible as such. There's a BIK on the employee though, unless you can get HMRC to accept it under a PSA.

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