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employee or self employed - using the ESI on HMRC website

employee or self employed - using the ESI on...

Just worked through the ESI tool on HMRC website to determine status of someone who is currently paid as a self employed contractor to an agricultural business.

Answer from ESI tool came back as indeterminate?

What would you recommend I do next without raising the company name above the parapet with HMRC on this thorny issue.

Many thanks.


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12th Apr 2010 19:09

Obtain a second opinion?

The legal standing of the ESI is doubtful, but HMRC do agree that if you answer the questions truthfully and to the best of your abilities you should be able to rely on its output. Keep a record of all the details.

If you are unsure I would take a second opinion, however, as it is not abnormal for farm contractors to be self-employed you may be worrying unduly. The devil will be in the detail, as is always the way in these situations but this is self assessment and so that by its very nature means that we must rely on our own judgement at times.

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