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Employee or Subcontractor

Employee or Subcontractor

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Client (UK based company) has an overseas worker (in France) who has been there for number of years. They operate a PAYE scheme in UK for UK employees.

The French worker is on French equivalent PAYE scheme and charges them through an umbrella company. The UK company pays in Gross which covers the French statutory contributions as well.

Client is saying this worker should be shown as an employee in accounts rather than subcontractor. I disagree with this slightly since the worker is using an umbrella company and not directly an employee of UK company. Previous accountant has classified the worker as an employee.

What are your thoughts? (I am in process of gathering information regarding French worker's contract etc, what else should I look for?)

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By paul.benny
10th Jun 2021 11:35

Does it really matter?

And as directors' report and audit report spell out, the directors are responsible for preparing the financial statements. So unless you think their treatment is fundamentally and materially wrong, I suggest their view should prevail.

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