Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)


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Good morning,

We recently set up an EOT for a client (our first one) and everything went through correctly (clearance etc.).

I am a bit stumped as to what type of filing compliance is required for the EOT. The client will maintain accounting records for it but I am unsure on how these figures should be reported to HMRC and whether there are any other compliance matters that require my attention. My first thought would be a partnership return but I may be completely incorrect.

Apologises for the simplistic question but as noted above this is the first EOT I have had dealings with.

Thanks in advance.

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By Michael Davies
08th Jul 2021 11:19

I had one of these.I think I did a Trust Tax Return.Pain in the neck,and when it came to get rid of it,no one wanted to know.I think I used a specialist firm in the end to close down;but they were very slow.

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By The Dullard
08th Jul 2021 11:23

The clue's in the name. It's not an Employee Ownership Partnership, now is it?

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Replying to The Dullard:
By Liam.em
08th Jul 2021 11:38

Alas I felt that this may be too simple an answer. It appears that I overthought the matter.

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