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Employee returns after 3 weeks

Employee returns after 3 weeks

An employee of a client left for another job and was given a P45. Now after around 3 weeks the employee has returned with a P45 from other employee.

What are the rules regarding the employees enititlement to things like redundancy.

He worked originally for 18months , given the short period does he still have this 18 months "in the bank" towards future redundancy or does the clock start again.

Any advice would be appreciated


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15th May 2012 14:55


I would have expected clock to start again but ring ACAS for the answer.

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15th May 2012 15:14

ACAS basically stated that an employee’s continuous service is broken if their employment is interrupted by “a week or more” but a week is defined as a period of 7 days ending on a sunday, so could be up to 13 days I suppose.

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