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Recently had a number of late payment notications for some PAYE schemes. Sorted them all out and told the employers to pay as it was merely a matter of them forgetting. In three cases the amounts paid have been allocated in such an odd way.  One client paid £1229.59 for M1 which was OK.  They have moved from paying quarterly to monthly.  The last quarter of 23/24 was late so they paid £2,689.41 which HMRC allocated to £1427.23 M10, £47.76 M11 and £1214.42 to M1. Why for goodness sake!

Another scheme paid their three months for the last quarter of 23/24 which they have allocated to clear M1 and the rest is unallocated!  Waited for 45 minutes yesterday to call and got cut off.  Please use the digital assistant the recorded message said.  Went to the digital assistant and typed"adviser" twice to be told that no adviser was available.  The additonal £51m they have been given to sort this won't be anywhere near enough and why do payroll bureaux not get a dedicated line.  I'm at my wits end just lately.

Diary note to call them at 8am in the morning.

Interestingly when I called yesterday the recorded message said they were very busy and the average wait time yesterday was 30 minutes.  Odd how that day was a Sunday when they don't open!


Rant over!

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By rmillaree
21st May 2024 11:38

i know its probably not fit for purpose for everyone - but i have found the automated direct debits to be a boon. If nothing else if it goes wrong one can blame hmrc.

Note one sill needs to monitor stuff and there are quirks so defo not for everyone - eg it scoops up class1A bills too !!!

facts are if clients have to remember to make 12 payments there is reasonable chance they will probbaly forget or pay late or pay wrong total at least once each year

hey ho happy days in that we can actually view what has ben paid or not !

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Replying to rmillaree:
By rmillaree
21st May 2024 11:42

eg it scoops up class1A bills too !!!

hmmmm - ok i will alter that to it (automated dd) MAY scoop up class1a bill at some stage

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