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Employer Pension contribution-How to Report

Lump sum

I have just received my clients bookkeeping for quarterly VAT and he forgot to tell me the company had contributed 40k to a pension scheme on his behalf in January. There are no contributions from his salary or any other contributions from the Employers. Do I need to amend the RTI filings to show the 40k or can I just show it in the accounts


I am sure the answer its obvious but I dont have any experience with this sort of thing for one man companies





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18th Apr 2018 09:32

It's nothing to do with PAYE / RTI.

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By PBH64
to johngroganjga
18th Apr 2018 10:06

Indeed, but you may want to check with the pension company that the receipt has been recorded as an employer contribution and they haven't claimed RAS on it. If it's in the accounts as an employer contribution and in the pension scheme as RAS then the PAYE will look wrong as will the total contribution for the purposes of the annual allowance. The fact that he's been forgetful with you may mean that he's been forgetful with the scheme too.

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