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Employer Pension contributions

Can my conpany make pension contributions?

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I contract as an FC for a company through my own company at the moment.  My company doesn't have a PAYE scheme and I'm the only director/shareholder.My balance sheet is roughly Dr Cash £30k, Cr P&L reserves £30k (ignoring share capital £1) or similar at the moment. I just used to pay myself dividends as and when on top of salaries elsewhere which I got throughout the tax years.

My question is can I make a one off employer pension cont of £15k from the company without a PAYE scheme? I don't have pensionable earnings elsewhere this tax year (And not likely to)  to even exceed the £2880 minimum contributions so the tax relief here would be from the corp tax saving rather the pension company obtaining the relief. £15K just seems excessive for such a simple enterprise so my alarm bells are ringing!






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By Accountant A
05th Jul 2019 18:33

Yes, go for it! No PAYE scheme required.

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