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Just finished off our payroll year-end but one difference I've noticed on Sage is that you have to apply online for the annual employment allowance and are not allowed to claim it until HMRC have sent you a letter confirming your application has been accepted.

In the current climate, with many offices not accepting post, how are you meant to receive this notification? Surely they should be sending a confirmation through your online account as well?



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By SXGuy
09th Apr 2020 11:49

Never heard of it.
My payroll software and pretty much all the others, allow you to submit the declaration that your claiming it after the Period 1 submission is sent.

Its automatic, and the criteria as to whether you can claim it, is determined by you, or the employer running the payroll.

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By Moonbeam
09th Apr 2020 13:04

I ran an April payroll on Brightpay recently. I was able to make the usual claim within the software. I then sent an EPS for it, and had to agree to various statements, but process is pretty much the same as last year.

I have a client whose Ers NI was over £10k last year so they won't be able to claim.

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By lionofludesch
09th Apr 2020 17:23

You'll wait a long time for that letter.

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