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Being asked to set up as a company rather than sole trader

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Hi All,


I've been asked about whether it is worthwhile becoming a company rather than a sole trader, as a friend has the opportunity for regular work with a business for a couple of days a week, and they should be able to pass the badges of trade tests as they will be using their own equipment and deciding whether to take a job or not, but the business has said they will only allow the work to be done if they are set up as a company rather than a sole trader. Apart from the obvious decision of whether it is better to incorporate or not, will there be any other issues to consider?






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23rd Nov 2018 12:23

Loads - but if the customer will only deal with a company, that rather kills the debate.

It's take it or leave it.

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23rd Nov 2018 12:50

There's another obvious issue of IR35 if we're talking regular work for a set number of days per week.
This is a minefield, and your friend should go and see an accountant to make sure everything's covered.

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