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Employment related securities filing problems

Unable to file ERS returns

Has anyone else had problems trying to file ERS online returns for 2018/19 as agents?

I have been trying every day for the last week in the usual way via HMRC online services , and every time I try to submit the return I get a message saying service is unavailable and to try again later .  But according to HMRC website the system is supposed to be working normally.

Tried to ring online services helpdesk twice today but they are too busy to answer the phone ..... 

 is this a widespread problem ?





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17th Apr 2019 10:23

I emailed them on 2 April - still waiting for a reply!

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By Matrix
17th Apr 2019 12:29

This seems to happen every year. For some reason it is not possible to submit until nearer the deadline.

You can email them on [email protected], they reply eventually. This is for technical queries but may be worth trying.

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