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Employment Securities - return needed?

EMI scheme that the all options vested in the 3 tax years ending 18/19 - return needed for 19/20?

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My client's EMI scheme has vested all the shares available - the last of these was August 18 and an annual Employment Securities return was filed online for 18/19.

My question - is one required for 19/20 and forever more or is there a method of notification of the "final event" that was the last possible share issue? I have read that there is a notification feature available, but cannot seem to locate it on my Agent's portal.

On a related point, my client seems to have been issued with a £100 late-filing penalty - I cannot see this on the Agent's portal either! I assume there is no online appeal procedure available?

Many thanks in anticipation


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By Wilson Philips
04th Aug 2020 20:53

Returns are required until a final event date is notified - only the taxpayer can do this via their own portal. Appeal will need to be made in writing.

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