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employment & self employment

employment & self employment

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i am currently self employed and have a number of clients (30+) which currently means that this is merely a part time activity, whilst I would love nothing more than to have another 30+ clients so that i would become closer to a full time role however as most people will know getting a practise off the ground isn't easy

As a matter of financial need I have decided to return to the employment market on a part time basis whilst still maintaining my existing clients and hopefully gain new clients
I have more than 20+ years experience in the accountancy profession mainly working for small businesses
There isn't much I haven't done in the past that a small business would require or expect from an accountant
however when i apply for employed roles I never get any replies or acknowledgement of my applications
I am open and make them aware of my self employed activities
I would like to believe that potential employers would see it as I see it
I am working part time for myself / another employer so why shouldn't be allowed to work for another employer?
Or is it a case that employers think that I am incapable of segregation of duties
Any advise anyone could give would be much appreciated

paul nightingale

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By PK Busness Services
16th Apr 2009 10:13

Relpy to mr Wolf
Mr Wolf

I am based in the west midlands but willing to travel
have taken your advise posted on opportunities

still cant understand why people wont even give me the opportunity at interview
I am after all only applying for part time roles that I know I can manage and commit to

you'd think that employers would be crying out for someone of such vast experience
20+ years experience

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By AnonymousUser
14th Apr 2009 15:03

I agree with Mr Wolf

At a time like this, few accountants will be looking to recruit staff. OTOH they may well be looking for an opportunity to farm work out to sub contractors. If you make it known that you are available for such work, that is more likely to bear fruit.

You could do worse than to hit the "opportunities" button in the left hand column of this page.

I might even have some work for you myself if you are close enough. Where are you based?

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By geoffwolf
13th Apr 2009 18:21

your position
does present problems to a potential employer due to potential time constraints.

Have you tried to deal with it by seeking subcontract work from one or more practitioners?

You do not say whether you hold a qualificstion.

As you are still taking on new clients the time available for work outside your own practice will diminish. This is the stumbling block as far as a potential employer is concerned.

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