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Engaged number at Cumbernauld

Engaged number at Cumbernauld

I received a phone call from a client late Janaury to say he just realised he had paid the Company CT payment due 01 February 2011, using his SA payslip! 

On Janaury 31, I rang the agent line and they agreed to arrange to remove it from the SA account and arrange to go to the CT account. His online SA account shows the money transfered out of the SA account on 03 Febraury, but the company CT account has not been credited.  On Monday 14 Feb I spoke to the agent line, who said I should speak to the CT office which I did. They in turn told me to ring Cumbernauld, and warned me it was very difficult to get through as they had problems when they had tried too.

I am now on my fourth day of trying, and the telephone is permanantly engaged. The only time it is not is in the evening when there is a message to say the office is closed!

Anyone ever managed to speak to them? 

Should I write a letter to them, does anyone know if they act on correspondence? 

 (I edited this to Cumbernauld from Cumberland - however I was tempted to leave it - as "sausages" may have been more apt!)


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By ACDWebb
17th Feb 2011 15:50

I spent

about 10 minutes hitting redial and eventually got through earlier this week. The response when I did get through (to find out why payments I knew had been made were not showing up) was pretty frosty

EDIT: and another 5 minutes today getting them to reallocate as originally requested :(

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17th Feb 2011 17:45

Write the letter and keeping trying

 I've had a similar issue with a misallocated VAT payment (went to PAYE account). It's taken me 10 months to get HMRC to acknowledge that they put it in the wrong place and have been slow to deal with it! 

If I was you, I would write the letter anyway (send it recorded delivery if it gives you more comfort that its been received) and keep trying on the phone.

I wrote to the relevant team for the VAT payment but that didn't work unfortunately. The only way I got a response was through the complaints team, but that was after 8 months of trying to sort on the phone.

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18th Feb 2011 12:41


Have you been trying to get hold of sausages, or do you mean Cumbernauld?

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18th Feb 2011 16:16

Contacting Cumbernauld

I've had similar problems in trying to call AOC.  I can't recall ever getting through to someone there over the last few months despite redialling several times, as the line is either engaged or at best I get through only to hear a recorded message saying about the delays (hardly a recent development there!).

The recorded message suggested that queries can be put in writing and faxed over on 01236 783 016, which whilst not perfect did eventually work I found on the few occasions this happened to me so you may want to do this first rather than use snail mail.

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18th Feb 2011 19:59

0845 302 1426

They can reallocate or arrange for this to happen :) 

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21st Feb 2011 12:01

Engaged number at Cumberland

Fax them on 01236 785353 or 01236 783281

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21st Feb 2011 12:07

Cumberland sausages

What part of Cumberland are you trying to call??? The Lake District is very pretty - unlike Sellafield.

I would suggest looking up a number for Jemina Puddleduck who will be pleased to help you.

No wonder your client is confused!


With regard to making tax payments to the wrong reference it is far easier to obtain a refund and then send to the correct reference - always assuming that payment was made to a reference for you and not to someone completely different when you will have a real problem.   Paying by bank giro credit with a correct payslip is the safest way to allow a client to make a payment to HMRC.

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By frauke
22nd Feb 2011 14:46

0845 302 1426 - debt management number

Thanks, that was a useful number.  Got straight though and although they say it will be may a couple of weeks before it will show up on his account, they say they have put a note on the account whilst it is being processed - it will not stop the letters, but will stop other chasing of the debt.   

I have found getting refunds either happen straight away or they can take months! So I really did not want to take a chance on it getting delayed by using that route. The client did use a BGC/payment slip, but picked up the wrong one when he went to the post office to pay it.  The cheque was made out for the correct amount and the BGC/payment slip was blank. It was only when he got home and saw the correct BGC/payment slip on the table he realised his mistake.

Also by getting them to make the transfer, they will back date the payment to when it was orginally received.  A refund would not allow this - and the client would have had to pay additional interest etc, when he finally repaid it to the the correct account. This way there will not be any additional interest to pay.


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