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Engagement Letter required but no company name yet

Engagement Letter required but no company name yet

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I need to do a LOE fast, as I need to start billing client for all the advice I'm going to give.

Intention is to set up Ltd company when trade mark application goes through for the desired name.

How should I address my letter? Something like Mr Bloggs, in relation to proposed limited company? I don't want to do a duplicate letter with the company name on later when the company is formed. How do you address such letters?


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09th Jul 2018 15:17

How can you not do two letters? You surely can't have a letter of engagement dated today for a company that doesn't exist.

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09th Jul 2018 15:24

Well client is Mr Bloggs so address to him.

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By Ranse
09th Jul 2018 15:50

your contract now will be with Mr Bloggs (the individual) , when he forms the company , and engages your services - you need to do one for company x ( another legal person) .

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10th Jul 2018 09:38

I was hoping there was another way - but your advice is very clear and I will follow it.
Thank you all!

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to Moonbeam
17th Jul 2018 13:38

Or register the company now (either under a temporary name or its eventual name) and engage with that entity alone (assuming that you are not also advising the individual person, too).

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17th Jul 2018 13:42

I decided to send Loe for self assessment and other business and include setting up ltd co. I stated Loe would be sent when ltd co set up. I'm not getting lots of queries as I thought I would as prospect is very busy.

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