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Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme for SME’s

Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme for...

Have any fellow accountants used or are aware this scheme (for their clients funding) and would you recommend it? having has brief reead on iit, It sounds a good scheme.

 Any pitfalls or considerations to be aware of?


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By ourtone
23rd Feb 2011 14:22


I have a useful worksheet on the scheme I'd b happy to email it over to you.

Have used the scheme about 20 times in recent years and used the SFLGS (which EFG replaced) many times.  The scheme has been open to abuse in the past so it is important that the business case is strong and that you have a well prepared businessplan/projections.

Scheme is due to end 31/03/2011 and as of yet no news about its replacement - personally I expect the scheme to be extended again...  

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23rd Feb 2011 19:32


 Hi, I'd be really interested in having a copy of your worksheet too if you don't mind? My email address is: [email protected]

Thanks very much in advance! Sarah

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By jeh
24th Feb 2011 18:59


I would appreciate a copy too if thats OK

[email protected]

Thank you

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