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Error message Timely sync with quickbooks

An error occured One or more of your taxable items does not have a Quickbooks Tax assigned

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I have a client who uses Timely to raise their invoices, but wants to use Quickbooks to do their accounts in.  They use Timely because they have a booking sytem and Timely works for them.  However, when they set the Timely system up, they said that the totals were VAT inclusive, but they aren't registered VAT and they didn't calculate it.  I have gone into each product on Timely and changed it say VAT not applicable, but I still cannot sync the invoices with Quickbooks. 

I keep getting 'An error occured One or more of your taxable items does not have a Quickbooks Tax assigned'

I have setup all the products/Services in Quickbooks.

I have tried the Quickbooks helpline, but they didn't really have a clue.  

Can anyone give me any pointers on where to look to solve the problem.

Thank you

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By DKB-Sheffield
26th Jun 2022 20:36

Not sure on Timely. Definitely certain QBO helpdesk will be absolutely no help on VAT Codes (they'll probably just say "contact an accountant" as they did to me on Friday - I'll be posting about this next week)!

I have however had an issue with other integrations where "No VAT" (not a true tax code per se) hasn't worked. Have you tried to create an alternative VAT Code at 0% (liability or expense, n/a on VAT return box)?

Try it on 1 item, if it still doesn't work, it may be an issue on the Timely side. Or, it could be an issue with QBO if VAT isn't activated. However, it did fix the issue I had (albeit, the client is VAT Reg.).

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
By Dinks
26th Jun 2022 22:50

Thank you.

At least now, I know someone else has a had the similar problem. I think, the problem is the fact that they aren't VAT registered and Quickbooks can't cope with the sync.

In Timely, you can sync individual invoices and you still get the same message every time

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