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ERS status on HMRC online account not updated?

Anyone managed to amend the status of an ERS on the online account

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What a palaver

We have an ERS which has had a final event and has been ceased years ago. Our online account has updated for one of the schemes automatically, the other one I needed to phone up last year to reflect the 'closed' status but this one I'm just circling on.

I've emailed the ERS portion, phoned online helpdesk, filled in "something wrong with this page" (which is what the online helpdesk told me to do. Seems super odd but okay.) and I'm still getting nowhere.

I know the scheme is ceased and have confirmation of such, but there's always going to be that numpty who goes and submits returns on it unless it shows closed. 

I'll end up being that numpty.

Anything else I haven't thought of I could try? Squealing in anguish didn't help...

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