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29th Nov 2012 10:51

Good response

and concise and to the point - Well done.

Will HMRC take any notice of it?  Probably not.

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29th Nov 2012 11:40

admitting defeat
Where is the case for revising the concession? Doing so now is an admission that HMRC still won't be able carry out their functions properly even with bang up to date RTI information.

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29th Nov 2012 11:49

There is no case for revision

coming from anyone apart from HMRC.

And it is only coming from them because they are making so many cock[***]-ups that it is currently costing them a lot of money with the current ESC A19.

So, surprise, surprise, they want to make it virtually impossible for anyone to make them pay for their own mistakes by moving the goalposts.

Or am I stating the obvious?!

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30th Nov 2012 11:57

The No Complaints Department

Not allowing redress is a strange way to treat your customers.

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30th Nov 2012 12:30


Last year, I was at a meeting with some very senior members of the HMRC board. When they asked if anybody had any general questions, I raised this exact point as to why HMRC insist on calling tax payers "customers" when it is clear that they are absolutely nothing of the sort.

Firstly, their response was extreme embarrassment that I had raised this point at all in spite of the murmurings of general approval from the rest of the room. Then they very hurriedly made a spurious point that the reason for this and the reason for them continuing to do so is to apparently foster a sense of "customer service" for their own HMRC staff! Then they very quickly moved on to ask for any other questions.

The impression I got is that they think that it is just as stupid as we do, but clearly they are under strict instructions to push the HMRC line that we are all customers now. What a load of old Tosh!

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30th Nov 2012 13:36

Public Service

My turn to state the obvious.  Keeping ESCA19 as it is, would be a good way of fostering a sense of customer service.

I've idly speculated to myself that the need for a 'customer service' ethos is simply to do away with the idea of civil service.  However, if I was indeed a customer, I'd shop elsewhere.  It wouldn't do any harm for staff morale if they didn't have to live down the embarrassment.


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30th Nov 2012 15:10

Good idea--lets all pay our taxes in British Virgin Isles--at least its british.

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