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Ethical query

Can I withold filing accounts if client hasn't paid fee

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Client promised accountancy fee to be paid within 2 months of raising invoice. Last year I chased him for 12 months to be paid. Can I refuse to file accounts with Companies House, such that he will incur penalties if he dooesn't pay?

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By tom123
05th Jun 2017 11:13

What does your letter of engagement say?

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By Chris Mann
05th Jun 2017 11:17

Firstly, what does it say, if anything, in your letter of engagement, as regards terms for payment?

On the face of what you've said here, it all seems like a lack, or breakdown, in communication. You should be "driving" the scenario of how and when you are paid for your services, not the client. There are so many ways to resolve these issues, in the first place; monthly payments, in advance, part payments etc. etc.

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By mrme89
05th Jun 2017 11:23

Ignoring what it says or doesn't say in your LOE, if you don't file and the client suffers penalties as a result, I think it puts you in a weaker position to recover your fee. Particularly if you have to recover your fee through the courts.

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By spilly
05th Jun 2017 13:14

Why don't you try reminding him of the outstanding fee, but also say that his accounts still need to be filed at Co House and state the penalty that may arise if they are filed late.
We've done something similar a couple of times, and the client has paid us just in time to file.

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By bernard michael
05th Jun 2017 14:46

Consider serving a Statutory Demand. That'll concentrate his mind.- how big is the fee ??

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
05th Jun 2017 16:34

I wouldn't even think of filing. The penalty is the main paddle you have to beat them with.

Stop being a wimp, use the pressure point and keep prodding them with it.

Only if it gets to filing day do you need to decide if to go through with it.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By alltaxedout
06th Jun 2017 10:21

Thanks ;)
OK 'man up' it is!!

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