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EU sales lists

what goes in box 8

do services provided to an EU vat trader in the UK go in box 8? 


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By jcace
08th Dec 2018 12:00

" do not include in box 8 the value of any of the following:

services related to the supply of goods that have been invoiced separately;
separate supplies of services, such as legal or financial services..."
VAT Notice 700/12

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to jcace
08th Dec 2018 12:04

Thanks J
to quote the old legal crack (FE Smith LB) i am none the wiser ...but i am considerably better informed . basically its market services provided in UK to a multi national company in Holland. This covers promoting drinks brands putting on shows in UK educating journalists etc. presently i have excluded the services from box 8

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to carnmores
08th Dec 2018 16:17

But they do go on the ESL

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