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EU Suppliers charging 20% VAT

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If a EU company such as LinkedIn charges 20% VAT on their invoice - can this be reclaimed back via UK VAT Return? Just to mention that the supplier has quoted their EU VAT number and not a UK VAT number

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By Wanderer
14th Jul 2021 19:12


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By Matrix
14th Jul 2021 19:24

You need to enter the UK VAT number in the account details so that it is treated as B2B.

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By Leywood
14th Jul 2021 20:05

+1 to both

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By angelas91
14th Jul 2021 21:36

Thanks - is there another way to reclaim the VAT if it was a B2B transaction?

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By Di
15th Jul 2021 09:35

I have the same problem with a supply of goods from the EU and they are quoting EU vat number and charging 20%. The suppliers have a UK branch but still issue invoices from EU-does anyone know what they are doing these days!

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Replying to Di:
By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
15th Jul 2021 09:52

Di wrote:

..does anyone know what they are doing these days!

I certainly don't.

But I was impressed by your use of an exclamation mark, rather than a question mark, at the end of your question to indicate rhetoric.

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Replying to I'msorryIhaven'taclue:
By LW64
15th Jul 2021 11:21

Haha, made me laugh at your 'eats shoots and leaves' moment (with an !)

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