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EU VAT Refunds

how to submit a claim as an agent

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We are registered agents for VAT for a client, for the first time we want to submit a claim for an EU VAT refund, the client has registered for the service and activated it but how do we get that onto our agents list of services? - so far if I click on that option it tells me I have no authorised clients

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By carynw
22nd Mar 2018 14:28

From what I remember the client has to authorise you online to act on their behalf
16 Dec 2015 - You'll need to register as an agent in HMRC Online Services and enrol for each service you need to use. Once you've done that, your clients can authorise you to act on their behalf for each service. The services are: Self Assessment for Agents.

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Replying to carynw:
blue sheep
22nd Mar 2018 14:33

We are already the registered agents, I can submit VAT returns for them, the question was how to add the EU refunds on for them, I understood it would appear automatically once the client enrols themselves, but so far I am seeing nothing

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By gerrysims
22nd Mar 2018 15:05

You have to apply for a separate authorisation. Along with nearly every VAT type service (I have just applied for 4 separate VAT authorisations for a new client !).
Clients think you are a numpty when they keep getting VAT codes in the post but you just have to pass the numptiness down the line to HMRC.

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By Pygmy
22nd Mar 2018 15:08

EU VAT reclaims is a separate service on your agent VAT account for which you need another client authorisation

Sorry too slow

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