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we are trying to submit a claim for EU VAT to Republic of Ireland via HMRC portal however it does not allow us to create a new application now.  Does anyone have any information as to how this is done post Brexit?

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By paul.benny
01st Jun 2021 14:53

The excellent suite of articles here should provide all the information you need. In particular, see #14

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By Jason Croke
01st Jun 2021 14:58

The deadline for 8th Directive claims (via the HMRC website) was 01st April 2021 so you are a couple of months too late for that now.

You can make a 13th Directive refund claim by submitting an application directly to the Irish tax office. Application form here

8th Directive is for EU member states to claim from other EU member states. 13th Directive is for non-EU Countries such as UK seeking a refund of VAT from an EU member state.

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By mavis02455
28th Aug 2021 17:35

I have submitted an eu claim for a client on hmrc portal april 2021 to june 2021 ; however i have other clients - and they are not showing the link to allow me to file a claim (northern ireland)

the message not allowing me to create a refund application - "only refund applications for periods prior to 31 March can now be submitted" - however this is NOT the case for Northern Ireland claims

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