EU VAT Triangulation

EU Triangulation with a domestic Irish VAT number

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We are a company based in the U.K. and have opened a subsidiary in Ireland, where we have a domestic VAT registration.

There is a customer of ours who would like some goods sent to them in Germany, and we need to use a distributor in Finland to facilitate. We will place the order with the distributor who will ship the goods directly to the customer in Germany, we'll pay the distributor and invoice the customer. 

Ideally, to avoid needing to register for VAT in another EU state we'd like to use triangulation, both the supplier and the customer are VAT registered in their respective counties and we are VAT registered in a 3rd EU member state. My query is, since we will be the intermediary in this transaction, is there a requirement for us to apply for the Intra-EU VAT before we can use triangulation? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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