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Evri auto-enrolling 'self-employed plus' couriers

courier is ltd co ...

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I have a client, H+W are each Evri couriers and trade under a single ltd. Evri couriers have the option of being employed or contracting under a 'self-employed plus'  status. Evri are now autoenrolling this class of couriers, of which my ltd client is one.

H&W want to benefit from Evri's 3% E'ers contribution, can they whilst they invoice via ltd? I have this feeling that the individual worker/courier (i.e. H or W) can, despite the courier being the ltd, but aren't sure.

For the avoidance of doubt, Evri's self-billing remittances are addressed to the ltd, not H&W individually.


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By Paul Crowley
04th Jul 2022 14:14

Is this the worker status conumdrum?
Self employed can be workers
How would Evri deal with the workers contribution?
Is the worker's contribution paid as net of tax?

Made more confusing with a company being the trading entity
Would anyone notice?
Client happy losing 5% or 4% of their gross company income as either drawings or dividend?

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
04th Jul 2022 14:28

It seems that Evri's proposal is to deduct the workers contribution from the sales invoice.

If the H and W provide their details to Evri and contributions are made as 'normal', then the 3% would be treated as drawings in my clients' accounts.

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