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Hi All

I have reached my client limit but included in that limit are 20 ex clients.  For most of them it was self assessment tax returns for Directors but includes  a few LTD companies I have submitted accounts for.  I would like to delete these to free up space but is that allowed?  I know I need to keep records for 6 years. 

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
13th Mar 2024 14:09

Sounds like a software issue? if so speak to your vendor.

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By Tom+Cross
13th Mar 2024 14:11

I assume that you have already back up these files to a secure environment, on your IT systems? So long as you can recover the data, I would suggest that you could remove those clients from ongoing software arrangements. Why not check with your software provider.

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Replying to Tom+Cross:
By Kosher
13th Mar 2024 14:24

I agree with Tom+Cross. I have backed mine up and then removed them off IRIS and it is a simple procedure to get them back on IRIS if needs be

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paddle steamer
13th Mar 2024 14:39

My licence (Taxcalc) calculates re number of returns actually submitted not number of clients on system, so I still have all the previous year returns I did for my clients up to late 2019 when I retired (and I do now really need to think about deleting them all now as last year re SA was 2018/2019) but I currently hold a licence to submit only 12 returns a year re my employment/employers- effectively the earlier year clients are read only and do not impact limit.

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By lionofludesch
13th Mar 2024 15:28

At worst, I'd print off the minimum information and delete the client.

Chances of you being asked to produce this stuff is only slightly above zero.

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By Truthsayer
13th Mar 2024 18:46

Assume the worst. i.e. that once you delete a client it can never be recovered, then print off all the significant information about the simplest ex-client, then delete that client to make room. And I mean PRINT ON PAPER, not PDF, as you will not wake up one morning to find your eyeballs were updated overnight, so you can no longer read anything you printed before.

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Replying to Truthsayer:
By DKB-Sheffield
13th Mar 2024 19:37

Perhaps best to do both... my eyeballs seem to downgrade overnight, every night so, the option of being able to use an e-reader may be beneficial!

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