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Excel and ODBC links to Sage Line 50

Excel and ODBC links to Sage Line 50

Can I write a formula in Excel that uses my ODBC link to lookup info in the Sage database?

We use odbc to extract stock quantities etc from Sage into an Excel spreadsheet. Works well except that to get up-to-date quantities it has to be refreshed whenever Sage is changed.

A formula using odbc from Excel direct to Sage might be dynamically updated and remove the need to refresh - but is that possible?
Richard Middleton


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31st Mar 2004 16:59

thanks Mike
Thanks for your posting Mike. I had discovered those refresh otions but the boss (as usual) wanted more - in this case, more immediate or (as he put it) dynamic!

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31st Mar 2004 17:17

Refresh every 60 seconds

Refresh every 60 seconds is about as dynamic as it can get!


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31st Mar 2004 14:29

Auto refresh

This solution does not rely on formula, but enabling the autofresh in Excel.
This will ensure the data is refreshed automatically, rather than having to manually remember to do it.

Use the Data menu
Then in Excel XP - Import external Data
or in Excel 2000 - Get External Data
Then Click Data Range Properties
You can then enable either/or the following options -
Background Refresh
Refresh every n minutes
Refresh Data File on Open.

It is probably the last option you wish to enable.

Hope this has been of help.

Mike Rees
Mercia Group Ltd

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