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Excel business plan template

Excel business plan template

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I am an acounting savvy company director and am looking for an Excel template (ideally free) so that I can create a finacial forecast, balance sheet and cash flow statment for an up to 5 year forecast. First year by month the other years by quarter.
I will need to build a revenue model and staffing model. The overhead cost model will be very straight forward with no more than 20 line items.
I am presuming that such things exist on this site or or soemwher on the web but I have yet to find them. Can anyone help?
Thank you
Tim Cooke

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By chrisplews
16th Sep 2005 11:24


Congratulations - perhaps you would like to offer this to others now...for free?

Yours hopefully!

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By timcooke
09th Sep 2005 19:04

Results of your help
All your comments have helped. It is indeed surpring that nothing seems to exist on the web for such a common activity beyond the simplest plan

After girding my loins I chose to do it myself and did the job in about 2 days.
Thank you Bob for establishing my market rate at £100k per annum which, I presume, I can now charge having become an expert?

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By mung1
09th Sep 2005 12:06

Free financial forecast?
Hi Tim

If my experience is anything to go by, you will NOT find FREE forecast models that will comprehensively and robustly intergrate all P&L, BS and cashflow forecasts. The Microsoft freeware is a simple, one dimensional P&L which you could knock up on Excel in seconds anyway.

I think you'll find the choices for such (budget end) software to boil down to Sage Forecast or web based CashFlow Wizard.

If you do find free models do let me know, but I don't think you will.

Good luck

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By gnb6451
09th Sep 2005 11:10

Excel planning
I would be happy to assist if you wish - Perhaps we could discuss further.

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By yardleystar
08th Sep 2005 12:46

MS office online
Try MS Office online - excel templates. The forms maybe americanised, but are free and can be edited.

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By bobdoney
08th Sep 2005 19:32

May I presume?
Hi, Tim!

I'm not sure why you would expect such a valuable commodity to be cheap or even free!!

The labourer is worthy of his hire. I'm yours for 100k per year, and I do a lean and mean integrated financial forecast.

Yours expectantly


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By gnb6451
07th Sep 2005 14:05

Planning template
Struggled to find comprehensive (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) Excel model. There must to thousands out there.

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