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Excel - Format a cell different colours

Excel - Format a cell different colours

Having produced a summary calendar within excel, with each cell representing a different day. Where tow distinct activities happen on the same day is it possible to format the cell into two halves and clour each half a different colour.

The diagonal border format command will split the cell in half, but then it would appear that only the cell can be cloured, not each half.

The only way that I can see it being done is to redraft the calendar, with two cells representing each day with the date in the middle of the two cells and a border surrounding them both. Each individual cell can be coloured a different colour.

Does anyone know of a better way to make it happen?

Keith Barnard


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25th Sep 2003 14:21

Format the text
You can have text in several colours in one cell. Highlight the part of the text within the cell that you want to change and use Format / Cells / Font / Colour (or use a Format Colour button on the toolbar).

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By SFoster
24th Sep 2003 20:06

No and yes
You can't fill a cell with different colours, but you can achieve the same effect. Fill a cell with one colour. Activate the drawing toolbar, draw a rectangle over half the cell, right-click it & select Format AutoShape..., select a different fill colour and remove the border.

You could create a row of rectangles with the colours you use, say at the top of the worksheet. Then you can very quickly choose which one you want and drag a copy to whatever cell you want by holding CTRL whilst dragging the box.

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