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Excel - Missing gridlines on screen

Excel - Missing gridlines on screen

How do I get the grey gridlines on screen to diplay again on one of my spreadsheets? I have no problem getting them on to print and they appear on other spreadsheets but I cannot find a way to get them to display in the way they used to on one particular sheet.

Most of them have disappeared as a result of me clicking on the numbers on the far left of screen and then clicking on colour-fill (paint-pot icon) to highlight a line in one colour. As I did this one or two lines at a time over a number of days using different highlighting colours, I cannot "undo". I failed to notice that when I had returned to "no fill" using the same method, the gridlines, horizontal and vertical were missing in all the affected rows.

Angela Williams


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21st May 2007 17:18

It's something more than that
Hi Neil and Richard
I'd already tried that but it must be something else as this process doesn't restore the gridlines. I seem to have over-riden this facility somewhere else in the system, something to do with colour fill (highlighting) I suspect, but I just can't work out how to correct it.

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By taxinfo
21st May 2007 17:48

If nothing else works ... can try & put the question to the experts here ....

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21st May 2007 15:35

Hi Angela

Assuming you're using xl2003 or below, go Tools>Options>View tab and make sure that "Gridlines" under Window Options is checked.

Hope this helps!


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By neileg
21st May 2007 15:58

While you're in that tab
Make sure that the gridlines colour is set to something visible like 'Automatic'.

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21st May 2007 18:39

Resolved - gridlines have reappeared
Thanks for the tip, Gareth.

I looked at the site and although it did not answer my question directly, I was able to review my settings and apply some lateral thinking and my gridlines are back.

In case anyone else has the same problem try this:
Highlight rows by clicking on numbers on LHS of sheet and dragging down to bottom of area which has problem.
Go to paintpot icon (colour fill) and click on "no fill" (NOT on white colour box)
Check Tools/options/view/windows options/gridlines is ticked and on "automatic"
Check Format/cells/ pattern is set to automatic

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02nd Jun 2011 05:15

Thanks pal!

Thank you Richard, for the info on retrieving gridlines in Excel. It helped me as I use lot of Excel at office.

Cheers :)


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