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excel question

excel 2016

I have a worksheet of over 30 pages but only want to print pages [for eg] 2 and 18 but i want both pages printed in one pdf file.

How do i do this?...think im going mad...


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By mjcpage
11th Jun 2018 14:05

You can print to .pdf
This has an option to print a rage of sheets EG 10-2
So why not move the tabs in Excel of the two sheets you wish to print together eg right to the start of the s/sheet
So they become 1+2
Print that range to .pdf
If you don't want to keep the new page numbering
just close without saving

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By daniel_
11th Jun 2018 15:01

Use Ctrl+Click to select the worksheets you want to print.

Then choose File > Export > Create PDF

When the file browser comes up, there's an Options... button where you can double check that the Publish selection is set to 'Active sheet(s)' before saving.

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13th Jul 2018 15:06

I would print the whole file in pdf and save it. I would next print, again in pdf, from the saved file, only those pages I needed. Lateral thinking?

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13th Jul 2018 16:09

Ctrl-click the tabs you want. Then use File -> Save As ->PDF - this will give you just the active worksheets in a PDF file - based upon the print areas you have set up.

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