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Excel Training courses

Excel Training courses

Any recomendation of a couse dealing with SAGE Reporting and Excel?



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08th Sep 2011 17:33

Some tutorials to get you started

You've come to the right place! Because Sage and Excel use is so prevalent among our members, there is a lot of knowledge within the community about linking Excel and Sage.

If you do a site search for "Excel AND Sage" you'll get an idea of what I mean.

Our consultant editor David Carter was particularly keen on the subject and wrote numerous tutorials on this subject. Here are just a few of them to get you started:

Management Reporting in Sage Line 50 and InstantUse MS Query to extract and analyse Sage accounts dataImprove your reporting skills with self-teach tutorials: Sage 50 AccountsWant to learn more about pivot tables? Start hereWant to learn about pivot tables? Part 2Create a P&L from transactions with a pivot table Create a P&L from monthly balances with a pivot table

If you work your way through those, more are available by following the links from the David Carter archive page Hopefully other members of the community will come forward to offer their advice and suggestions too.

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09th Sep 2011 08:33

More resources

I realised overnight that I hadn't really nailed all the possibilities on AccountingWEB and beyond. Here are a few more avenues you can explore:

ExcelZone discussion groupSage 50 Accounts discussion groupExcel management reporting discussion groupExcelZone links to web resources and tutorials

If you've had enough of free tutorials and advice, and just want a tool to simplify Sage reporting for you, have a look at Excel2Sage in the [email protected]. You can ask for a 7-day free trial if you'd like to explore what it can do.

Finally, I'll include a plug for ExcelZone - a section of the site devoted to general news and views about spreadsheets (click the "MyAccountingWEB" link above right & select "My email bulletins" to subscribe to our monthly ExcelZone mailout).

Hope this stuff keeps you busy for Friday afternoon and beyond!

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09th Sep 2011 10:53


Thank you

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12th Sep 2011 12:09

Let me know if you want to discuss your requirements

John has recommended some great resources there, which I am sure you will find useful.

You may also find a blog post I wrote a couple of years back of use too:


Do your management accounts take weeks, days, hours, minutes…or seconds to prepare?

I do a lot of bespoke work for clients setting up Excel reports from Sage (and other accounting and business software) as well as bespoke training whereby we can set up your reports together while you learn how to do it in future.

Please just drop me an email on [email protected] if you want a chat to discuss what you are trying to do (no obligation).

Best Regards



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