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Excel / Word - Mail Merge

Excel / Word - Mail Merge

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I have a spreadsheet with 50+ tabs. 

There are tabs for workings and tabs for very simple accounts (usually no more than a dozen different expense categories). 

These simple accounts are currently copied and pasted in a letter to customers. 

Is there a way to mail merge the accounts into a word document, but only picking up the tabs that have 'accounts' in the name?

Thanks in advance.

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By daniel_
27th Jul 2018 13:21

Is there a reason why the accounts must be assembled in Word and not Excel?

Would it be possible to have a worksheet/tab in Excel for the letter. You could create a button which exports a selection of worksheets (letter followed by accounts pages) to PDF.

To answer your question, it would be possible to mail merge it in the way you suggested, but it would involve writing your own VBA scripts and I don't think it would be a particularly elegant way of doing it.

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By alan.rolfe
27th Jul 2018 15:39

Yes - use VBA. It probably won't be easy.

It may be easiest to create a new sheet with all the data from the 50+ sheets, but identified (e.g. by adding tab name) and then use that to cross reference to the letter when doing the mailmerge.

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By SXGuy
30th Jul 2018 12:37

Which is why I use MS Works for mailmerging.

Database of data, templates to insert that data. Mail merge functionality.

You could probably Import your excel sheet but I've never tried.

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By mrme89
01st Aug 2018 12:29

Thanks all.

I didn't think there was a simple solution to this. Some ideas to think about though.

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By Kemu
03rd Aug 2018 09:43

Not complicated. You can print an individual or group of Excel page(s). You can create the covering letter also, either as another tab or as a second page in the account tab. Never need to bother with Word. You can lay out your letter as fancy as you like in Excel, insert company logo, company office details in the footer etc. etc.. Can be a standard or personalised. Just disable 'print gridlines' the letter will print looking like a letter. You can save as pdf for filing or emailing.

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