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Expense capture software for 50-100 employees

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Does anyone have a suggestion for software to use to capture employee expenses for 50-100 employees, we use AutoEntry but I think that will get too expensive, DEXTs highest package seems to be up to 30 users

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By williams lester accountants
24th Jan 2022 11:17

Have you looked at;

Xero Expenses

We have looked at all these, mostly use Xero expenses for Xero clients. But all three above are very good.

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By Hugo Fair
24th Jan 2022 13:03

Just be sure to get your requirements/criteria clear before any trialling.

I know that sounds obvious, but I've known expectations in this area to encompass:
* claim checking, authorisation pre-payment, re-charging to clients/projects, etc
... and that's before you get to the 'intelligence/rules' that can be applied to pure data capture and the usual potential issues over personal/business, VAT rates, non-UK currencies and so on!

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By Charlie Carne
27th Jan 2022 12:16

I'd look at Expensify (historic market leader in this space) and newcomer Pleo (excellent software) for this.

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