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Expenses paid by directors not reimbursed yet, but shown in DLA

Expenses paid by directors not reimbursed yet,...

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The company is not registered for PAYE, has paid no dividends and is currently making a small loss supported by loans from the directors

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By AnonymousUser
17th Jun 2009 22:43

Credit to DLA = payment
If the amounts have been credited to DLA, I take the view that they have been paid to directors because the amounts have been made available to them, albeit they have chosen not to take physical payment at the time. The expenses should therefore be on P11D.

If the expenses have simply been accrued by the company and not credited to the DLA then I would not include on P11D.

I am happy to be persuaded otherwise, but for practical purposes this approach works quite well, especially where payments to directors from DLA may comprise a mixture of items, some of which might not need to appear on P11D. How then would you identify, from each payment, what amounts related to expenses and what to other items?

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