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Experience of setting up an entity in Netherlands

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We have a client who is looking at setting up an entity in the Netherlands to protect themselves post Brexit.  Does anybody have any previous experience of doing this or recommendations of any agents/contacts we could use.

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By paul.benny
11th Oct 2019 12:01

Not really answering the question
- Why has your client chosen NL?
- What is the business activity?
- What 'protection' does the client think having an EU entity will provide?
- Has client considered the compliance costs of having UK and EU entities and (presumably) cross-border trade?

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Replying to paul.benny:
By tomfoot
14th Oct 2019 10:01

Our client is looking at this from a commercial point of view as they work within the media industry and Holland has a large media district.
The client is worried about any restrictions that may be imposed post Brexit.
We are looking for contacts in Holland to get the company set up

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By accountantccole
11th Oct 2019 12:31

We can do French cos - again not answering the question
I pointed one client to Ireland for their Brexit proofing. Everything still in English - still not answering the question

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By johnt27
11th Oct 2019 12:42

Why not set up in NI? It's going to be a smugglers paradise after 31st October.

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Replying to johnt27:
Hallerud at Easter
14th Oct 2019 10:39

Who knows what it is going to be post 31st October, really not convinced yet that Boris has a goer on his hands with his "deal" but stranger things have happened.

Re the OP my only recommendation is a tax deductible fact finding tour by car from Hull to Rotterdam Europoort with P & O. (I pick Rotterdam as it can be easier to drive around than Amsterdam )

On the way back remember to stop in Brielle (close to the port) for the well priced snack platter at De Hoofdwacht and the tea/coffee shop is also worth a detour on your way back for the return ferry crossing if you have a penchant to stock up on green teas etc .

You have left it a bit late as it is already the school week but happy to go on a fact finding trip at your expense.

Re language mentioned in a post above, whilst documents will be far easier in Northern Ireland spoken English is generally not an issue in the Netherlands.

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By JCresswellTax
11th Oct 2019 12:45

Protect themselves from what exactly?

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Replying to JCresswellTax:
Hallerud at Easter
14th Oct 2019 10:48

Potentially going out of business, perhaps.

My brother in law is likely relocating his base re servicing his European clients (Pharma QP services, over 50% of his global turnover) to Malta in order to still have a presence within the EU and to enable him to hopefully be able to carry on offering his services within the EU (though does still depend on recognition of his qualifications/membership of various professional bodies)

He has already discussed with the Maltese authorities , the discussions have been promising helped by the fact that his business already leases a flat in Malta.

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